Dickinson County

Dickinson County

Dickinson County is located in the south central part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is neighbor to Marquette, Iron and Menominee Counties, this county also boarders Wisconsin. Dickinson County has a population of 26,098 as of 2013 and spans over 777 sq. miles. The City of Iron Mountain is the largest city in Dickinson County consisting of 7,601 people as of 2014. Some other areas in Dickinson County include; Kingsford, Norway, Felch, Channing, West Branch, Merriman, Quinnesec, Ralph, Segola, etc. It should also be mentioned that this county is one of four in the Upper Peninsula that is in the Central Time Zone, as this will cause some time confusion.

Like many areas in the U.P., Dickinson County has a rich history in iron ore mining. There is a National and Michigan historical site in Iron Mountain to view the largest steam engine pump in the US. There are also other underground mining instruments at this museum. Dickinson County is also home to one of the few white water rafting adventures in the U.P. Piers Gorge is located on the Menominee River in Norway where you can choose your rafting company to guide you through the rapids. This rafting experience has 10ft drops and nice trails to hike around the river.

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Additional resources for Dickinson County:

Dickinson County website with courthouse information: http://www.dickinsoncountymi.gov

Health Department: http://www.didhd.org

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