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Dickinson County

Dickinson County

Dickinson County is located in the south central part of the Upper Peninsula, and neighbors Marquette, Iron and Menominee Counties. It also shares a border with Wisconsin. As of 2023, there are 25,982 residents in the county, and it spans a total of 777 square miles. The most populous city is Iron Mountain, while some other popular areas include Kingsford, Norway, Channing, West Branch, Quinnesec, Ralph and Sagola. Dickinson County is one of only two in the U.P that are landlocked, and is one of four that are on central time rather than eastern.

The last of Michigan's eighty-three counties to be organized, Dickinson County was created May 21, 1891 from parts of Iron, Marquette and Menominee Counties. It  was named for Donald M. Dickinson, who served as U.S. Postmaster General under President Grover Cleveland. Dickinson County's roots lie in the mining and lumbering industries of the mid-to-late 19th century. Iron ore was first found in the region in the late 1840's. Today Dickinson still has some iron ore mining and lumbering, but tourism is the primary source of revenue for the region. The Chapin Mine, which at one point produced 27 million tons of ore, has since been restored as a tourist attraction while the county boasts of early ties to Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company. In the early 1900s, Henry Ford had been eyeing the reserves of iron and timber in the Upper Peninsula. He contacted Edward G. Kingsford and expressed interest in acquiring raw materials for his factories, and by 1925, Ford production was in full swing here, with the county peaking at 7,500 workers.

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Today, Dickinson County is home to some major employers in a variety of industries, providing opportunities for nearly anyone! The current largest employers include Marshfield Medical Clinic, CCI Systems, Boss Snowplow, MJ Electric, Northern Star Industries & the Veterans’ Association. THe county is also home to the Pine MountainSki Jump, which is the highest artificial ski jump in the world. The forested lands and rolling terrain criss-crossed by rivers and streams provide year round recreational opportunities, and some of the best real estate in the Upper Peninsula. It is truly a haven for nature lovers, and the Menominee River is noted for walleye fishing.

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