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Schoolcraft County

Schoolcraft County

Schoolcraft County is located in the eastern part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is neighbor to Alger, Luce, Delta and Mackinac Counties in Michigan, this county also boarders Wisconsin. Schoolcraft County has a population of 8,247 as of 2013 and spans over 1,884 sq. miles. The City of Manistique is the largest city in Schoolcraft County consisting of 3,010 people as of 2013. Some other areas in Schoolcraft County include; Germfask, Thompson, Seney, Hiawatha, etc.

Seney National Wildlife Refuge was established to help migrant birds, along with other wildlife, in the area around 1935. This area is open for visitors from 9am-5pm. The wildlife refuge is mainly considered to be wetlands and is a must see for bird watchers. Also within the refuge are bogs, marshes, grasslands and forest.

A great local stop in Manistique is the Mackinaw Trail winery. Enjoy a tasting of their local wines ranging from a late harvest riesling to merlot where you are sure to find something that wet your pallet. Not only is Schoolcraft County on the shores of Lake Michigan, but it also has the largest spring in Michigan. Big Spring is 40 ft. deep and 200 ft. across where you can float over it in a raft to be able to view what lies below. With this county being on Lake Michigan which carries some larger vessels, there are historic lighthouses. Enjoy a tour of the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse that would light the way for iron ore ships. This lighthouse is located in Gulliver where there are walking trails nearby to explore.


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