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Keweenaw County

Keweenaw County

Keweenaw County is located in the north part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is neighbor to Houghton County. Keweenaw County has a population of 2,191 as of 2013 and spans over 5,966 sq. miles. Eagle Harbor Township is the largest community in Keweenaw County consisting of 281 people as of 2000. Some other areas in Keweenaw County include; Copper Harbor, Eagle River, Gay, Lac La Belle, Mohawk, etc. The Keweenaw Peninsula is unique in that it contains 541 sq. miles of land, but it has 5,425 sq. miles of water.

This area is the most northern part of the Upper Peninsula and has some of the most spectacular views during the changing of the colors. The Keweenaw Peninsula is known for its copper deposits which brought miners to the area in the mid-1800s. Another piece of history that this area holds is that the Keweenaw is the location for the largest and oldest lava flow known on Earth. There is plenty to do during the busy season in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Visiting the Jampot is a must when traveling through the Keweenaw. The Jampot is a bakery in Eagle Harbor that sells baked goods, jams, and other tasty treats. It is located right next to a beautiful waterfall that you can hike to and the goods are baked by the Catholic Monastery of the Byzantine rite where they also live close by.


While visiting the Copper Harbor, a highlight on your list should be to take the Brockway Mountain Drive. At the top of this mountain range you will be able to view one of the most spectacular scenes in all of the U.P. One of the most popular times is when the colors are at their peak. At the top you will be able to see around 9 1/2 miles of Lake Superior and Keweenaw land. Another spectacular area near Copper Harbor is the Bete Grise South Preserve. This protected wetland along Lake Superior offers non-motorized patrons the ability explore the pristine Keweenaw Peninsula. This protected land contains 1,040 acres with part of it running along Lake Superior. The preserve runs from Lac La Belle to Point Isabelle while boarding the Bete Grise Bay. People are encouraged to hike, canoe, kayak and bird watch, but are asked to leave the plants and animals in their own habitat. There are rental cabins and yurts near by that are available year round as people like to rent in this area since it is close to Mt. Bohemia. This ski area is home to the highest vertical drop in the Upper Peninsula and also offers some of the longest runs. It is recommended that only experienced skiers attempt this mountain.

Isle Royale is an island off from Keweenaw County and is also a National Park. This park is open to visitors from April 16th- November 1st and it is only accessible by boat or sea plane. Isle Royale is a beautiful park where you can enjoy rustic camping, hiking, and kayaking. This Island is unique as it has one of the longest ongoing study on wolf population in the Country.

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