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Mackinac County

Mackinac County

Mackinac County is located in the eastern part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is neighbor to Chippewa, Luce and Schoolcraft Counties. Mackinac County has a population of 11,061 as of 2013 and spans over 2,101 sq. miles. The City of St. Ignace is the largest city in Mackinac County consisting of 2,437 people as of 2013. Some other areas in Mackinac County include; Mackinac Island, Curtis, Engadine, Gould City, Hessel, Moran, Rexton, etc.

Mackinac County is the only county in the Upper Peninsula that is connected to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. The Mackinac Bridge connects at St. Ignace and Mackinaw City. This bridge is the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world at 5 miles long. If you would like to get an up close look at the bridge then it is recommended that you participate in the annual Bridge Walk. This walk is always on Labor Day from 7am-11am and they will shut down one lane to designate to the walkers. The waterway below the bridge is the Straits of Mackinac and also contains the very popular Mackinac Island. For a weekend adventure take the ferry over to Mackinac Island to eat some of their locally made fudge, take a ride on a horse drawn carriage and view the many attractions that this island has to offer. Mackinac County also has miles of sand dunes to explore where you are able to swim in Lake Michigan.


Mackinac County also holds the location of the family owned and operated GarLyn Zoo. This is a smaller zoo with animals that have been mostly rescued or donated. They have been in business since 1994 and still have a wide range of animals for you to enjoy while walking through the beautiful landscaped pathways.

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