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Chippewa County

Chippewa County

Chippewa County is located in the northeast part of the Upper Peninsula, and neighbors Luce and Mackinac counties. Home to both Lake Superior State University and Bay Mills Community College, Chippewa County has a population of 36,719 as of 2023, and spans over 2,600 square miles. The county is named for the Ojibwe (Chippewa) people, and was officially organized and established in 1826. The most notorious city is Sault Ste. Marie, which borders Canada, and is actually both the largest & oldest city in Michigan! With a rich Native American history, it was founded in 1668, and now sees over one million visitors per year. The Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians is one of the largest tribes in Michigan. Some other popular areas in Chippewa County include Paradise, Drummond Island, Kincheloe, Bay Mills, Brimley & Rudyard.

Perhaps the most notorious feature of Chippewa County is the Soo Locks, which are an extremely popular site amongst both locals and visitors. The Locks were developed to help boats navigate through the changes between Lake Superior and Lake Huron.The Locks now see more than 5,000 vessels pass through it every year! Another popular attraction in Chippewa County is Drummond Island, which is actually the second largest freshwater island in the United States! This island provides visitors with a beautiful landscape and plenty of outdoor activities including ATVing, boating, fishing and over 100 miles of snowmobile trails. In the winter, you can actually snowmobile over onto the Canadian size of the water (with special permission and appropriate documentation ahead of time). The Munuscong Bay is another popular area in Chippewa County, and is open for hunting, boating and bird watching. The area is known for its duck hunting, with species including mallards, divers and green-winged teal ducks; Munuscong Bay is also well known for its ice fishing during the winter months.


Chippewa County features millions of both forested and lakefront acres that provide exceptional living opportunities. With a plethora of career opportunities in Healthcare, Retail and Public Administration, the area is a great place no matter what stage of life you are in. Starting a family, retiring, or simply wanting a fresh start, there is truly something for everyone. Whether you are looking for small town appeal, secluded forestland, summer beach days or somewhere with rich and diverse history, Chippewa County is definitely a fantastic place to both visit and live. 

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