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How do Realtors sell your home? Short and sweet….MARKETING. Some do it well, others not so much. In the day of ever changing technology and ideas, you want a company that knows how to target the right audience for your real estate. Whether that be vacant land, lakefront homes, residential, or large private tracts of land. Our team of experts know how to find the buyers for your real estate. When you are looking for something on Google one of the first things that comes up is videos. There are some agents out there that make video slideshows of the images they took. Others go above and beyond and incorporate internal video of your home. If you had to choose, which would you want from your agent? I know I would my agent to do everything in their power to attract the most buyers to my home or land.

Talk to one of our agents about marketing your real estate with video today.

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U.P. Market Update – Waterfront Properties

Luce County

The market for waterfront properties in the Upper Peninsula is on the move in a positive direction. This market might have seen the greatest increases in values of any market in the U.P. during the mid 2000s. Terms that applied to markets throughout the country such as “Real Estate bubble”, certainly applied to the Upper Peninsula’s waterfront market. Many buyers were purchasing properties on speculation that this market would continue to see large gains in value.

Much of the purchasing power for these waterfront properties came from home equity loans. As the national housing market ran high, many homeowners refinanced and took their equity out to make waterfront purchases. When the Real Estate “bubble” burst in 2008, the market for U.P. waterfront properties soon followed. As the finances of many investors and homeowners alike took a hit, the buyers for our waterfront parcels almost disappeared. Combined with the lack of buyers, a flood of sellers looking to get money out of the market pushed inventories high and values down.

It took a few years after 2008 for this market to really hit the bottom. It took even more time for much of the inventory to reduce and buyers to come back to this market so that values could stabilize. Well, we are now happy to say that this has definitely happened. In the past four years, we have seen steady increases in sales volumes. In the past two years, we have started to see an increase in market values. Real Estate markets in the U.P. vary greatly from location to location, but generally, things are positive.

While the bottom of the market may have passed, the time to buy has not. Some of our lakes, rivers, and other non-residential property types have just started to see this positive movement. A buyer can take comfort in this stabilization while also getting into the market at a good value point. The best news here may be for sellers. Sellers that may be thinking the market isn’t good enough to move their property, very well may be wrong.

If you have a waterfront property in the U.P. and you’ve been thinking that conditions are not good enough to sell, please reconsider. We have seen strong increases in sales within this market for several years in a row now. This winter, we have seen an increase in buyers in this marketplace. While pricing new inventory, we are also seeing increases in values over previous years.

So as we transition from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market, there are good opportunities for both buyers and sellers. If you are either, please contact us to discuss your specific property type and location. Waterfront markets can literally vary from lake to lake, so let us know where you’d like to buy or sell and we can provide up to date accurate information on the current status of that market.

While we may not be back at the pre-crash levels of the 2006-2007 markets, we feel like this market has definitely turned the corner. As other similar markets have pressed to all time high levels, we feel like there is significant room to move in this market as well. The U.P. has so many great waterfront properties to offer and now is a great to buy, or sell one of these.

Drone Videos – Come Fly With NMLB!

Technology is constantly evolving and changing the Real Estate industry. One of the latest and most exiting pieces of technology is the “drone”. These units are capable of shooting high quality video from high above a property providing perspective we’ve never had before. While virtual tours have been the rage recently, we see the “view from above” concept to be a great leap forward for all properties, but particularly large acreage and waterfront parcels.

There was a time when we actually took photos from low flying air planes as a way to get good photography of larger tracts or special properties. Now this drone technology puts that capability at our fingertips. With a little practice, these units can be directed over a parcel while capturing a video and photos. We can use them to inspect locations or areas that are difficult to access. Even a closer look at a roof or chimney of a building can come in very handy at times.

In 2016, we started to use this technology and we will integrate that into our marketing on a broad scale in 2017 and beyond. As we continue to look for an edge in the marketplace and lead the Upper Peninsula region in marketing and sales of unique and special properties, drones will be a key tool for us and our clients. Not only do these provide a great perspective on a property, but the quality of the video and attention that it can bring to a listing will really set our properties apart. While we are sure many others will begin to utilize this platform, we are ahead of competition on this and plan to stay there.

2017 U.P. Builder’s Show

It’s that time of year again when Spring is in the air and thousands flock to the Superior Dome in Marquette for the annual U.P. Builder’s Show. The event runs March 10th – 12th. If you have not attended before, this is a gathering of exhibitors in the field of building, contracting, home improvement, real estate, financing, and several other related industries. If you are in the area and have plans to buy, build, or improve a property or home in the near future this is a great opportunity to visit hundreds of business in this realm all in one place. Northern Michigan Land Brokers will be there again this year and look forward this great event. Please stop and say ‘hi” if you plan to visit the show. If you would like more information please visit the Builder’s Show website for more details.

Last Minute Hunting Properties

Are you in the market for a hunting property in the U.P.?

We have a huge inventory to hunting land and camps all over the Upper Peninsula. This time of year is a great time to view these properties and if you hurry, even close in time to use it this season. Call one of our Agents today to help guide you in the right direction. We can narrow the options for you and get you on the right property in no time. This is a Buyer’s market right now, so if you’ve been on the fence, there is no better time to act. Browse our website, or better yet, call us to let us help you find that perfect property.

Safe and Successful Hunting Season


This time of year is our absolute favorite. The leaves are changing, the weather is turning cooler, and our hunting seasons are in full swing. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this wonderful time to be in the great outdoors. There are also great fishing opportunities to be had this time of year that shouldn’t be overlooked. With all the excitement surrounding these great activities, we’d also like to remind everyone to take care and be safe. A great day in the field can quickly turn into tragedy without proper precautions. Also make sure to consult the local fish and game laws. For non-residents and residents alike, this is important as regulations can and do change yearly.

Please use care with all firearms and be aware of your surroundings. Hunt and fish with a partner or let someone know where you will be going and when you plan to return. Stay hydrated and take steps to ensure you don’t get lost in the field. Simple essential survival gear can save lives. Please take the time to pack these items. The same goes for our canine friends as pictured above. Make sure you have plenty of water, don’t hunt in extreme heat, and carry an emergency kit for wounds.

A successful outing is more about enjoying the great outdoors and returning home safely than shooting or catching a limit. Please enjoy our hunting seasons safely, respectfully, and carefully.


For those who do not hunt or fish, but plan to take advantage of the outdoors this time of year, please remember to wear orange reflective gear. It’s a good idea to outfit your pet with orange as well. There are firearm seasons open on and off for the rest of the year, so please take precautions when hiking even where you don’t expect hunting to occur.

There isn’t a better season in the Upper Peninsula to get outdoors and enjoy what lies at our doorstep. If you can tie in a trip to look at real estate, all the better. We’ll certainly be out there and hope you can join us.

Fall Color Staying Late This Year

Dead River- Marquette CountyIt’s not too late to enjoy wonderful fall color in the U.P. this year! Unlike any year we can remember recently, the color change has been delayed this year by about 2 weeks. In most locations, the leaves are still on and colors are out in full force. In some low lying areas and places that typically see the color change slightly later in the season, there is still a fair amount of green foliage. Maybe you already made your color trip and we’re dissapointed by the lack of change, or maybe you thought you missed it this year? We likely have another week of good color, but cooler weather and rain are in the forecast, so take advantage today as they won’t last much longer.

It’s Waterfront Season!

Portage Lake
Portage Lake

The weather is heating up in Upper Peninsula and so is the waterfront market. This is best time of year to shop our world class inventory of waterfront properties. At no other time will there be more options available. If you live out of the area, tie in a vacation with an appointment to see what we have to offer. The bugs are dying down, lake temps are up, and our weather is getting consistently beautiful. If you live locally, get out for a drive and give us a call, you might be surprised at what you can buy on water right now.

Type in “waterfront”, “lakefront”, or the name of your favorite body of water in our word search in the upper right of the main menu to see what options await you.