Selling Your Home or Property

Your home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. When looking to sell your home or property, Northern Michigan Land Brokers professionals have what it takes to help you maximize a return on your investment. We know the area and have the resources needed to find buyers in and out of your area. As a local Realtor, we have the ability and resources to bring more buyers to you. As members of the UPMLS, our Client’s properties are listed on every major Real Estate platform locally, regionally, and nationally. In addition, we highlight our listings on our custom site and we have premium memberships on several of the highest traffic national search sites putting our listings ahead of the competition. We also advertise our properties in local print media and television.

An often overlooked aspect of a Selling Agent is their ability to show you property in its best light. Our professionals our experienced in taking quality photographs and videos. We place importance on accurate and informative property descriptions that grab attention and highlight the selling points of the property. We have professional mapping systems that we utilize to show larger parcel’s boundaries and locations. We also will help advise when improvements, alterations, or additional documentation may be important and necessary to gain value.

Most importantly, we take great pride and responsibility in our jobs and understand the seriousness of representing you on the sale of your Real Estate. All the marketing available is for not without an Agent that can work with a Buyer to produce an offer. Proper representation is imperative in the sales process to help insure that you are covered on all aspects of the transaction and most of all, that you receive the very best deal possible.

Contact us today to discuss the potential of selling your property with one of our trusted Agents.

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