4 Reasons Winter is the Perfect Time to Sell Your Land

26 Dec ’18 by Caroline Kirby for Land.com

There’s this myth that certain things can’t be done in the winter as if cold weather makes it impossible to get things done. While it can certainly make things uncomfortable or difficult if you’re not a fan of cooler temps, selling land isn’t likely to be affected. Today we’re here to help you understand why!

So, if you’re debating whether or not to pull your listings down until the spring, hear us out on some reasons why winter may actually be the best time to make a sale!

1 Buyers are ALWAYS Looking

This one is worth repeating: Buyers are ALWAYS looking. If someone needs a lot, they’re not going to take a break from looking. Buyers are searching for land year-round and they’re most likely doing so online from the comfort of their own cozy homes. A bonus to this point is that if you have any prospects come check out the land you can bet they’re pretty serious. If they venture out in cold or snowy weather to see your land you can assume they’re motivated.

2. Less Competition

Because so many sellers mistakenly believe winter won’t bring any prospects they pull down their listings. If your competitors are off the market then those serious buyers from the point above are more likely to see your listing. You won’t have to fight for the attention of buyers and you’ll get the upper hand of being in demand.

3. People Have More Time

Your potential buyers will have more free time during the holiday breaks or even on snow days depending on where they live in the country. This means they’ll have more time to devote to their search for land and they’ll definitely be using that free time! Make sure your listing doesn’t go unnoticed!

4. Buyers Want Their Property Ready for Summer

Finally, many buyers are going to want to use the winter to close on deals and get things in order, so their new land is ready to be used come spring and summer. Maybe a prospective buyer is looking to build on their land, or they want a space for family gatherings in warmer weather, whatever the reason may be the winter is the perfect time to get everything in order without losing out on precious time with their new property.

We hope that these 4 reasons were enough to convince you to keep your listings up this winter season! If you’re serious about selling your land then take advantage of the head start on other sellers! LandHub.com has access to tons of resources like blogs with all the need-to-know tips and tricks as well as plans for selling your land online, fast!

85% of land buyers look online, will they see yours?

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