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Baraga County is located in the northwest part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is neighbor to Marquette, Houghton, and Iron Counties. Baraga County has a population of 8,695 as of 2013 and spans over 1,069 sq. miles. Baraga is the largest village in Baraga County consisting of 2,031 people as of 2013. Some other areas in Baraga County include; L’anse, Skanee, Pelkie, Three Lakes, Covington, Imperial Heights, Huron Bay, Aura and Herman. Baraga County also includes the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community which is rich in natural beauty. This area contains around 19 miles of Lake Superior shoreline, 80 miles of rivers and 3,000 acres of wetlands.

Baraga County contains the highest point in Michigan, Mt. Arvon, which is connected to the Huron Mountains chain. Mt. Arvon rises 1979.238 ft. high above sea level where you can either enjoy a rigorous climb or simply drive to the top of the mountain. Craig Lake State Park, is a remote state park where you can really enjoy the adventures of rigorous hikes and remote camping. This park contains 6,900 acres and has six lakes.  Baraga County also has numerous other inland lakes and rivers including; Roland, Fence, Crooked, Vermillac, Sturgeon, Silver, Huron, and Perch where you can spend your time canoeing, kayaking and fishing.

Baraga County gets it’s name from Bishop Frederic Baraga and was officially formed in 1875. Bishop Baraga arrived in this area in the mid 1800s and founded five missions during his time. When driving on US-41 along Lake Superior his shrine can be seen to shine over the hill top. This community grew due to its abundant forestry resource. Then there was another economic push from Ford when he bought mills from the area to help supply his factory to make automobiles.

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